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Family History or any other local history enquiries
If you have family history queries, please contact us using the email link.

Ancestor of Thomas Thomas b1844 in the parish of Whitechurch. He married Margaret Davies in May 1869; she was born in 1842 in the parish of St Dogmells. Any information on the parents of Thomas or Margaret appreciated.

John Devonald who was born in Eglwyswrw in 1817. He was non-conformist. He was the son of David Devonald of Nevern. He married Elizabeth Morris at Ebenezer Chapel, daughter of Stephen Morris of Nevern. Any information appreciated.

Thomas Nicholas b1854 and his wife Hannah nee Phillips. Buried at Glanrhyd, Llantood
Any information appreciated.

James Beddow b1779 - Llantood, d 1863 - Ty Newydd (now Plas Preseli ) Brynberian and his wife Hannah b1783.
Any information appreciated.

Thomas Nicholas b1794, Ravel, Meline, Pembrokeshire and Mary (his wife, - possibly born in Bridell)
Any information appreciated.

Morris Griffiths and his wife Esther nee Phillips, c1800 – Bridell.
Any information appreciated.

Daniel Morgan b1846 Whitchurch, Cardiff and his wife Anne nee Evans (could be Baptist minister’s daughter, - Pentyrch Cardiff). Any information appreciated.

Benjamin Lewis b1801, - Llangoedmor
Any information appreciated.

Elizabeth (Bet) Lewis b1848, - Penrhywbroyan, Llantood (emigrated to Australia, possibly fruit farming in New South Wales). Any information appreciated.

Trying to establish a link between Rev Titus Lewis - Blaenwaun and Carmarthen and Morris Lewis, - Penrhywbroyan, Llantood; born 1819 (family documents say they were related). Any help appreciated.

Any information please on Benjamin Rees, [Bench] who was a steam engine driver for James, Frochest, Eglwyswrw in the 1930’s.
Also of B.O. Davies - steam engine and threshing contractor of St Dogmaels. Any threshing contractor or steam engine related pictures appreciated.

Any information on Edward Davies, born about 1771, believed to have spent all his life in Eglwyswrw. His profession - Schoolmaster, this confirmed on both the 1841 census and his son’s marriage certificate of 1852. Any information please on schools he may have worked in around 1820 - 1840. Thank you.

Daniel & Anne Evans lived in Eglwyswrw village at the time of the 1841 census, with their five surviving children. Any local knowledge of this family appreciated.

Thomas Morgan Jones and Henrietta Niagara Jones (nee Thomas) lived in the Vicarage in Eglwyswrw at the time of the 1881 and 1891 census. All information about them and their children, whether it is full names, dates of birth, modern day connections or personal stories about the family will be very much appreciated.

Joseph Phillips, along with his wife, Mary, and three oldest children, left Wales sometime between 1751 and 1754 and went to Pennsylvania. In 1763, the oldest child, David, married Mary Thomas (born 1743, Pembrokeshire). Any more information of this family living in the U K will be appreciated.

Joshua Morris who lived in Eglwyswrw and worked as a boat builder until the 1850's when he (and other members of the family) moved to Penarth to build houses.
It is known that he was born at Cwmcenau Farm in the parish of Nevern on May 12th, 1811. Any information of this family in Wales appreciated.

Any photographs or information on Thomas Jenkins and/or his daughter Mary E Jenkins who lived at Allt y Ddol, Eglwyswrw c1900 -1910 appreciated.

Any information please of Daniel Edwards or his brothers William and John, the family farmed Croesyforwyn Uchaf, Eglwyswrw in the 1940’s.

I'm looking for any information on the Bevan family. James Bevan and his wife Mary had children Evan, Elizabeth, Thomas, Albert and Oliver.
Mary died in 1895 and James married Rachel Rees. I would be grateful for any information on this family.

Captain John Grono was born 1st January,1767 in Wales (Newport, Pembs), his father was Joel Grono born in Wales in 1740. Any information available would be great.

I am seeking the name of Benjamin BOWEN's father. His mother is listed in the 1841 Census as Maria, b1791 in Eglwyswrw. Benjamin's siblings are - Jacob b1826, - Margaret b1828 and - John b1819, all born at Eglwyswrw. Benjamin eventually moved to Dowlais. His wife was Margaret HOWELL of Swansea, they then moved to America with 3 children.
Maria Bowen was recorded on the 1841 census as a farmer, living in Pantygarn, Eglwyswrw.

We are looking for a photograph or any other information on Sir William Howell Walters born in St Mary, district of Haverfordwest, in 1857. He became High Sheriff for Pembrokeshire in 1898.

We would welcome any information on Henry Howard James (b1892, Narberth) and his brother John Herbert James (b1894, Narberth). (Pembrokeshire's aviation pioneers)

I believe that I am related to the Peregrines of Meline and Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire.
However this cannot entirely be proven as my Peregrine branch were living in Llanycefn and Llandysilio Pembs from about 1780's.
In 1839 at Narberth Registry office, Mary Peregrine of Llanycefn married Daniel Peregrine of Eglwyswrw. My g.g.grandmother Lettice Peregrine was Mary's sister.
I have heard Pergrines came to Eglwyswrw and other areas of Pembrokeshire around 1600 and that they were from the Netherlands, they came to escape religious persecution either from the French King or the Spanish who had conquered the Netherlands. They were either French Huguenots or Belgian Walloons. Both of these groups were Protestants. Devonalds and the Marsdens of Eglwyswrw were also from France/Belgium and arrived in this country around 1600. It is believed these continental people came to Eglwyswrw through the port of Cardigan, and that they were mainly weavers.

Any information please on Caleb Evans born -Eglwyswrw 1751 or his daughter Elizabeth Protheroe born -Eglwyswrw c 1790.

Sarah Ann Thomas's Bible - which is dated 1857 had a handwritten note inside says – Glandwr, Cenarth.
Any information on the above or the Thomas; Rees or Jenkins families who lived in that area during that period appreciated.

Any information relating to the following appreciated - Lydia Reynolds, b1845 – Cilgwyn, Nevern,- Parents - James and Anne, – siblings - Asa; Hanah; Daniel; Eliza and Lettice.
They lived in Penparke near Brynberian, Pembrokeshire in 1851.
Lydia married John Williams and they had children Minnie and Joseph who were born in Newport, Monmouthshire.

We would appreciate any information on the family of - Thomas REES born in Meline parish, Pembrokeshire in 1774, who early in his life (c1791) took an active role at Brynberian Congregational Chapel.
Thomas REES is buried at Huntington, Congregational Chapel, where he was the minister and schoolmaster all his working life.

We would appreciate any information on the family of - John and Mary Davies, who once lived at
Croes y forwyn and Pencwm.
Their grave is at Ebeneser Dyfed, Baptist Chapel.
JOHN DAVIES died - November 11, 1905 age 77 years.
MARY DAVIES died - April 4, 1911 age76 years.
Mary’s maiden name was Evans and her family once lived at Bancau Bach, Eglwyswrw.

We are looking for information on the Watkins family who were Innkeepers of the Serjeants Inn, Eglwyswrw throughout most of the 19th century.
Any information on any other Innkeepers in Eglwyswrw would be greatly appreciated.

Any information from descendants of families that originated or once lived in the Eglwyswrw area of north Pembrokeshire, that now live in other parts of the world would be of much interest to our Society and much appreciated.

Any information please on John Thomas c1779 - 1866 of Nevern and Newport, Pembrokeshire.
John served in the army and was in Quebec in 1816.
He was a shopkeeper in Newport at the time of the 1841 and 1851 census.
His wife was Margaret, two of their children were Eleanor and Elizabeth, there may have been more!

Benjamin Davies who was a farm worker at Berllan Farm, Eglwyswrw. Benjamin married Jane Watts of Selvage Farm, Eglwyswrw. This was in the 1850's. Any information appreciated.

A story was told that hundreds of years ago settlers came to settle in Crosswell and took that name as their family name. We welcome any contribution to the story.

Any information on landlords of the Trewern Arms, Nevern 1860 to 1890 and the family who were landlords of the Serjeants Inn, Eglwyswrw in 1900 or at any other time.

David Phillips, Butchers Arms, Eglwyswrw. He was a butcher and died in 1874.
Any information on the family of the above appreciated.

We welcome further information on Mary Devonald who married Edmund Blathwayt at Eglwyswrw in early 19th century.

The family of John James 1793, his wife Margaret, his son William 1827, and his wife Hannah. John was born in Whitechurch and moved to Llanfyrnach area around 1820. Any information appreciated.

The family of Idris Mathias 1881-1917 who died in WW1 and is named on the War Memorial in Eglwyswrw. He was the son of David and Lydia Mathias, Ffynonlas, Eglwyswrw.

Rev Thomas Evans 1807- 1876, vicar of Eglwyswrw Church to 1876.

Any information on any of the above please contact us.